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KnowledgeNet Products


market leading equity trading system for emerging markets, offering integrated, front, middle and back office functions. TradeNet is characterized by an extremely secure and scalable architecture that can support hundred of thousands of orders in a single trading session.


market leading core real estate operations system offering parameter-based, integrated business process automation for rental, sales, and maintenance functions. More than a hundred thousand units are currently being managed by PropertyNet, which also offers web access for landlords and tenants.

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Datability Ninety-X

Whether you are a bank, a telco company, or large hospital, obtaining data you can trust and confidently transact on is an increasing challenge driven by the increasing number of business application in the organization. Datability Ninety-X leverages an integrated data quality engine with quality management best practice processes to sustain the quality of core data at ninety x percent, all the time, to be used for both operational and reporting needs.


Modern, game changing customer banking omni channels that run on all touch points. nYouBank leverages social media for both enhancing user experience as well as promoting the bank’s image digitally. nYouBank turns consumer banking into revenue generation by benefiting from data mining technologies to determine the user’s interest and promote products and services based on the findings.

Datability Customs Analytics

Datability Customs Analytics is a suite of own and integrated third party data processing products that combine fraud preventions, revenue assurance, risk management and shipment/container profiling requirements in a single integrated offering that serves the increasing needs in departments of Customs around the world.

Datability Investment Analytics

Datability Investment Analytics is an out of the box data visualization engine that caters for the information needs of CEOs, operations managers, finance manager, trader, dealers, and compliance offices in investment companies. It is built with extremely user oriented, visually pleasing interface that makes reaching information easier.

KnowledgeNet Services

Application Modernization

Most large enterprise have aging applications that surround its core systems. These applications are typically difficult to integrate, modify and maintain. Our application modernization services are based on our own mission critical core engine on which various business functionalities can be built in addition to our vast experience building mission critical applications.

Mission Critical Application Development

Designing, developing and testing mission critical applications that act like off the shelf products is an extremely demanding set of processes. We master them. We have successfully developed and deployed mission critical products since 2000, and we use the same techniques to deliver customer development to our customers.

Systems and Data Integration for Mission Critical Systems

This service is offered customized in accordance to specific customer needs. We deploy our vast experience successfully building interfaces based on leading integration technologies from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft in the most stringent operating environments. The delivered platform is parameter-driven and supports mission critical requirement like logging, exceptions handling and advanced queuing.

Touch Devices Enterprise Application Development and Maintenance

We extend our long experience building mission critical applications and our own mission critical engine to customers to benefit from, building mission critical applications on touch devices: smart phones and tablets. We don’t only build these applications, but also maintain them using the same process of supporting our mission critical products. This gives a significant relief to our customers who usually find it very difficult to build and administer such processes for only the few systems they have.

Our Approach Addresses Your Challenges

KN productizes mission critical solutions. Productizing is a way of life for us. Even when the software is designed for use by a single customer, like in custom applications, we architect it, design it, built it, and test it like we would a product. This provides the customer with a user experience, an architecture, security assurance and software performance that matches the highest of industry standards in software creation. The value of our approach becomes evident in the maintainability of the software we produce, effectively addressing one of the most challenging aspects of custom software development.

Certainty is higher with us because we leverage our own mission critical engine to build custom software. This is the same engine we use to build our own mission critical products like TradeNet and nYouBank. Not only is the engine said to be mission critical, but also is tested in the most demanding production environments.

Productizing custom software also provides a much wider reference than a single customer’s set of requirement does. It ensures the inclusion of latest industry trends, offering of other ready applications, and general requirements from multiple sources. This results in a more robust output that is sustainable and future proof.

Building custom software like a product emphasizes the need for the produced software to co-exist and to be able to expand in response to potential future requirement. To satisfy these needs, the software is built using industry open standards for integration and is built on a parameter-based configuration platform.

The software we build is, by default, portable on mobile and tablets as the platforms of the future. Additionally, integration with social media and optimization for effective internet presence is built into our thought process and delivery capability.

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